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Dr. Chen

Nesut NbtMwtAst Dr. ChenziRa and Nesu Neb KaRa of Per Ankh em Smai Tawi: Nesut NbtMwtAst ChenziRa D. Kahina, MS, NHD, PhD, NTRT, respectfully and affectionately called "Dr. Chen" is committed to the NTRcentric integration of culture, healing sciences, arts, technology and spirituality for life, inspiration, freedom and education [CHATS4LIFE©]. She is a livicated mother, wife and cultural entrepreneur. Nesut NbtMwtAst DrChenziRa serves as an Integral and Naturopathic Health therapist, educator, visionary, folkloric performing artist, Smai Tawi ministerial priestess, inspirational motivator and clinical holistic medicine/wellness researcher with international experiences in natural healthcare, counseling, allopathic support, rural and women's health, psychotherapy, cognitive therapeutics, heuristic education, sustainable community development and more. She has professional training, certifications, licensures and/or degrees from Rutgers, Pepperdine, University of California, Natural Health Institute in concert with other international credentials in English, Journalism, Communications, Educational Administration, Information Technology, Cognitive Sciences, Midwifery, Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Allied Healthcare. She has worked, published research and provides inter-generational interactive presentations with many global scholars, artisans, scientists and practitioners that have positively shaped her talents and abilities to harmoniously provide service above self. Her life work remains devoted to family, community, environment, living sciences, prosperity, health and sacred wellness as protected with the ancestral principle of Maat as truth, justice, order, harmony, balance & divine righteousness. Nesut NbtMwtAst Dr.ChenziRa is an ankhcollaborative founder of Per Ankh [House of Life] Inc; managing director of Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute; founder of RAevolutionary Ancestral Afrakan Wombmyn (RAAW); project director of NUWOMANRising LIVE UP; an Ordained Minister and Natural Spi-Ritual Science Practitioner of Per Ankh Em Smai Tawi with global work affiliations with AST, PADU, SRDC, UNIA-ACL, AAPRP/AAWRU, CBPM and more! Email Addresses: perankh@gmail.com and perankh@me.com Website: www.perankhu.org ****************************** Nesu Neb Ka Ra, a Khamet Nwt-TaMerian Af-Ra-Kan ANKKH™ legacy practitioner of the liberating Natural living arts and sciences was born and raised in Frederiksted, St. Croix Virgin Islands. Nesu Neb Ka Ra attended Florida A & M University, the College of the Virgin Islands and Goddard College-where he completed degrees in Social Anthropology and Community Development after completion of a thesis entitled: Per Ankh: Ancient Educational/Architectural-Engineering System of Khamet Nwt-(Ancient Egypt). Nesu Neb Ka Ra conducts workshops, seminars, lecture demonstrations, performances, advisory consultation on construction development, martial arts, heritage restoration, PanAfrakanism, organizational management, academic and vocational education and sustainable engineering design globally and serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Per Ankh Inc. (House of Life) and is an Ordained Minister and Natural Spi-Ritual Science Practitioner of Per Ankh Em Smai Tawi with global work affiliations with OMS, PADU, SRDC, UNIA-ACL, AAPRP/AAWRU, CBPM and more!. Nesu Neb Ka Ra is the founder and Grandmaster of the Martial science and art system of Uat Nefer Aha Aaui-Te Pakhert-U Sebaitu-The Way Of The Harmonious Warrior Arms and Hands System. Nesu Neb Ka Ra has completed and jointly Ra-vised for Ra-publication four manuscripts: Per Ankh: The Ancient Education System of Khamet Nwt Em Smai Tawi; The Mtu Ntr: Nature’s Measures, The Ra-clamation of the Sa-cred Sovereign Nation of Smai Tawi Em Khamet Nwt, and Uat Nefer Aha Aaui-Te Em Per Ankh Em Smai Tawi Em Khamet Nwt: The Way of the Harmonious Warrior Arms and Hands Systems and Teachings of Per Ankh of Smai Tawi Khamet Nwt along with other publications being shared in the “Afraka on Fiyah” global tour of 2011-2012.


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