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The Decade of the African Diaspora--Forward Ever, Backwards Never

with David Horne

FOR DAVID L. HORNE, Ph.D Dr. David L. Horne, is a tenured full professor of Critical Thinking and African History, and is the former chair of the Pan African Studies Department at Cal State University, Northridge. He also teaches graduate public policy and introductory political analysis, and is the graduate advisor for the department. He is the original Executive Director of the California African American Political Institute at CSU Northridge (created by state legislation in 2000), and he is the current Executive Director of the revised California African American Political and Economic Institute (AB 165) at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He has a Ph.D in history and political economy from UCLA, and two Master's degrees, one in Public Policy from CSU San Bernardino, and the other in South African history from the University of Florida. He is the executive editor of the Journal of African Studies and The Journal of Pan African Studies, two peer-reviewed academic periodicals. In 2005, he was selected in a poll by the L.A. Wave Newspaper as one of the 25 top Black movers and shakers in Southern California. He is the author of Straight To the Point: An Introduction to Critical Thinking, and Meeting Maat: The Handbook of African Consensus Meetings and Gatherings, as well as numerous scholarly and community-based articles, including two Four-Part Series articles in Turning Point Magazine, one on Pan Africanism and the other on Reparations. Outside of the academy, he is the founder and Chair of the Reparations United Front, a regional organization that seeks to push the Reparations Movement forward. He is the author of the only national Reparations Survey being done, a life-time member of N'COBRA, and he was one of the primary coordinators and conveners of the National Reparations Congress held in Compton, California, May 30-31, 2004, out of which came the only National Strategic Reparations Plan currently in force. He is also the co-founder of a 21st century Pan African NGO, the Pan African Organizing Committee, with international headquarters in Accra, Ghana and affiliates in Bluefields, Nicaragua, and Panama City, Panama. He was the organizer and coordinator of the Pan African Roundtable held April 7-8, 2006, in Los Angeles at which the African Union's contemplation of designating the Diaspora as the 6th Region of Africa was discussed, along with the AU’s invitation for Blacks in the USA and other places to elect their Diasporan Representatives and join the AU as voting members. The Los Angeles Roundtable created the only existing methodology that is now being used to organize the Diaspora in the USA, Europe, Central America, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean to accept that invitation and join the AU. The progeny of the Pan African Roundtable are the SRDC (Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus, a coalition of 65 African Diaspora groups), and recently, PADU (the Pan African Diaspora Union, the international umbrella grouping for organizing the African Diaspora). He delivered the keynote speech establishing the Tommy Smith-John Carlos Memorial Center at San Jose State University, 2003, and regularly presents both scholarly papers and Black History Month speeches across the country and in the Diaspora (e.g., Winston-Salem University (2003), Atlanta Education Center (2004), New York University (2004), Bluefields, Nicaragua (2004), Lagos, Nigeria (2005), Charles Drew University (2007, Whittier University (2009), etc. ). He is currently writing a book, Organizing the African Diaspora, and he is the author of the Decade of the Diaspora theme, and is the International Organizer for the UNIA-ACL.

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The Decade of the African Diaspora--Forward Ever, Backwards Never

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