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From The Desk Of Kevin Muhammad

Tuesday 9-10 EST.

Host, Kevin Muhammad

For more than thirty years under the guidance and leadership of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Kevin A. Muhammad has dedicated his life to educating the human family about how best to attain and sustain good health. Through this effort, he has authored more than a dozen books that provide scientific insights into the books, How To Eat To Live (Book 1 & 2) by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and into the divine guidance given by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Passionately called the Research Scientist by many of his peers, Kevin A. Muhammad is noted for his sensible use of science anatomy, biochemistry, biology and food science to show how disease free living is easily attainable through proper diet and lifestyle practices. He has emerged as a leading author and respected scholar in the health research community.

Kevin A. Muhammad's 3-volume book series, FAQs About How To Eat To Live, is considered an eye-opener into the reasoning behind the dietary mandates in the books, How To Eat To Live. Other books authored by Mr. Muhammad include Obesity, Diabetes and How To Eat To Live, Transcending the Dietary Dark Ages • Nuts Are Not Good for Humans, Biological Consequences of Consumption • The Slave Diet, Disease and Reparations • Perils of Eating Poison-Animal, How Eating Pork Destroys the Eater • Dietary Considerations for Breast Cancer Patients • Against Compulsory Vaccination Vol. 1 Why HPV Vaccines are Dangerous to the Lives of Girls, Young Women and Everyone Else • Against Compulsory Vaccination Vol. 2 A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations • The Case Against Hepatitis B Vaccination: Prevent Your Newborns and Infants from Being Permanently Injured • The Power of MODESTY: The Key to Health, Beauty and Longevity.

Kevin A. Muhammad's articles and special reports have appeared in regional and national publications. He has conducted health seminars in communities and colleges throughout the nation. His educational seminars include: • Understanding the Dangers of Vaccination • How To Eat To Live - The Gateway to an Elevated Culture • Responsibility of Medical Students/Professionals/Healers to Community and Vice Versa Mr. Muhammad has also appeared on many television programs. He currently hosts a weekly Internet radio broadcast to discuss important health topics. He has been at the leadership of research into controversial public health policies that adversely affect the health and welfare of the citizenry, such as vaccination and the hospitalization of childbirth. Currently, he is spearheading a national campaign against compulsory public health policies that force vaccination on children and adults.

Kevin A. Muhammad has organized and participated in community-wide health fairs and health symposiums; and he continuously collaborates with health practitioners, public officials, and health advocacy organizations to educate communities about disease prevention, and to establish community-based models to effectively deliver needed health services to disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Kevin A. Muhammad resides in Newark, Delaware with his wife, Marcia, and their children, Kevin, Jr., and Krystina.

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From The Desk Of Kevin Muhammad

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