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Watoto Ya Afrika (Children of Afrika): No Child Left Behind
The Sumbry's Radio Program with Aula on the left and Son Diallo on the right.

Brother Aula has sedulously pursued humanitarian relief for the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, their families and communities. He has testified before the New Jersey State Assembly's Regulatory and Oversight Committee, urging them to remove barriers to Prison Ministry. He testified in the U.S. Congress on behalf of the passage of the Second Chance Act. He urged humanitarian treatment of the incarcerated and their visitors via a zero physical abuse policy, more contact visitation, child friendly visitation environments, and respectful verbal communication by institutional staff with both the incarcerated and their visitors. The State of NJ Senate and General Assembly in a joint legislative resolution honoring Brother Aula said, Whereas, by repeatedly demonstrating his devotion to helping others, Aula M. Sumbry has earned the respect and admiration of all who know him and has set a standard of excellence towards which others might strive. Brother Aula served as the Chairman of the New Jersey State Parole Board's Faith Based Reentry and Family Reconciliation Task Force. In this capacity, Brother Aula, put forth ideas urging policies which would foster parent/child, husband/wife and general family relationships between the incarcerated and their loved ones. Brother Aula also emphasized the need for more community involvement in the reentry process especially the church. As a member of the Boycott Crime Campaign’s Steering Committee, Bonnie Kerness, Coordinator of the American Friends Service Committee's Criminal Justice Prison Watch Project, remarked: I personally had the privilege of working with Mr. Sumbry on the state-wide Boycott Crime Campaign. His partnership in this coalition led to his valuable contributions as a Steering Committee member, and provided a unique perspective when from 1996 to 2005 we met quarterly with three different NJ Department of Corrections Commissioiners. Mr. Sumbry has proven himself to be a valuable asset and advocate on behalf of New Jersey's people in prison and their families. Brother Aula continues by the indwelling power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He currently serves as an ambassador for NJ Families Against Mandatory Minimums, is an approved contractor with the Administrative Office of the Courts Intensive Supervision Program, is Chairman of the Trenton NAACP Prison Committee, is a member of the State NAACP Prison Committee, is Chairman of the Trenton Northward Action Coalition's Committee On Reentry, and is a Board Member of Insight Inc. He is also the current President of the Northern New Jersey Adventist Community Service Federation, which has a unified project working with the Princeton ABC Prison Literacy Project. Brother Aula is especially pleased to point out new initiatives in this area among Black Greek Letter Organizations. As a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., he has been instrumental in ground work on a Higher Education Reentry Initiative with Mercer County Community College. The Mercer County Pan-Hellenic Council has adopted a program through which Trenton School System staff will receive Council sponsored training to address the needs of the children of prisoners. To God be the glory.


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