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Blue Monday

with Gwen Mack, Pisces Speaks and Marshal Wilkerson

Gwen Mack, yeah that's her real name. Originally from Philadelphia, she calls Sacramento, California her present or (second) home. Since 1972, Gwen thrives as a writer, promoter, and communicator of Black culture. Raised in Philadelphia, she moved to Los Angeles where she successfully combined a career in Human Resources and Black entertainment.

As a booking agent for black artists with a major Black agency in LA, she also wrote a popular column, "Pisces Speaks" for the Soul Communicator, a Black city wide newspaper published by Dean Chambers. A pioneer as the first black female disco DJ in Los Angeles, "Foxy Gwen" was in demand as a MC, spinning the latest hits and introducing the finest Black artists to their live LA audiences.

Gwen’s experience in Law, as a legal assistant to an African American black woman landed her in the newly formed African American division of Legal Contract Dept, Marketing, Productions and Public Relations at ABC TV. She was also a regular dancer on the Soul Train TV Show.

Gwen moved to Oakland, California to progress and connect with real creative Black folks. Gwen assisted her sister, Miss Mack, a celebrated performer of roots, culture and conscious music, while continuing to serve for the improvement of our people in social services as a Housing Assistant for the Oakland Housing Authority.

Presently, residing in Sacramento, Gwen Mack" strives for love, joy, peace and happiness within her family and community.
She remains connected to many talented artists, and seeks to introduce them to the world on "Pisces Speaks" by news, views and attitudes with her unique style of communication aka "gift of gab".

As a seeker of self empowerment, she truly believes Knowledge is Power, and is proud to be a part of the Harambee Family Radio Network. Gwen Mack in a seashell aka (nutshell) is a positive, passionate, people loving black woman. Gwen is highly motivated, with an uplifting & bubbling personality and a sensational sense of humor. Gwen has passion for all human beings, especially, young black children and highly respects all elderly.

Gwen was introduced to Dalani Aamon, the Ceo/Founder of Harambeeradio.com, by her long time sistah friend, Oni Lasana, who produced "Voices of Diaspora" on THRN. Gwen was given the opportunity of a life time to host her own radio show, "Pisces Speaks." Gwen shares "news, views & attitudes" with invigorating conversations & interviews with musicians, entertainers, authors, professionals & entrepreneurs, whose lives give meaningful contributions to Black culture..

After a 2 years hiatus, Gwen Mack is back with her new co-host and friend, Marshal Wilkerson, a dynamic blues artist from Sacramento, California. Gwen is excited about returning to the HarambeeRadio/TV Network.

GWEN MACK as "PISCES SPEAKS" is always open to presenting any person of interest to the world via Harambee Radio/TV. Gwen feels that 'Everybody is a Star' and is excited about having a new co-host, who has a lot of experience in the blues and musical world.

Marshal Wilkerson. Early in my youth in Los Angeles, I was identified as someone who had potential to become a great singer. To that end, I was given free lessons in vocal techniques, breathing, projection, etc, and was encouraged to seek a career in opera. I was active in high school choirs, musicals, and small group singing.

While serving in the United States Air Force, I formed a singing group, the Continentals. We won a regional competition to participate in a traveling Air Force show called "Tops In Blue". I toured with the Continentals performing and winning shows in the northeast and south and finally left the show and was stationed in California where I was discharged.

I started singing professionally in the early 1960's. I was recorded by the legendary music man, Johnny Otis. My singing partner and I enjoyed a few years of performing from the regional success of our song during 1970's.

My performing career was placed on hold as I married and began raising a family. In the 1980's my job was transferred from Los Angeles to Sacramento, California where I remained until I retired in 2001. After retirement, I began again to pursue my performing and singing career again.

1999-2000 - Formed singing group, Marshal Law. In 2000, Marshal Law was selected to represent the Sacramento Blues Society at the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tn. In 2005, Marshal Law disbanded.
2005 - Formed singing group, Marshal Wilkerson & Smoked Sugar. (4 to 5 piece group). This group is currently performing. Became singing member of The Sacramento Blues Revue (10 piece orchestra) *2008 - Recipient of Sacramento News & Review Blues Music Award, the SAMMIE. This group is currently performing….
2007 - Formed singing group, Mixed Drinks (trio). This group is currently performing…..
2010 - Currently on a reunion tour with Marshal Law. This group does special and occasional performances.

2006 - Marshal Wilkerson and Smoked Sugar, "Live At Constable Jack's."
2010 - Currently working on a cd of original music.

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