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Chatroom 786

w/ Hamza Sid Catlett-Bey

Hamza Sid Catlett Bey, formerly Sid Catlett, II was born and raised in Washington, DC in 1948. After Hamza’s father’s (famed jazz drummer Big Sid Catlett) untimely death in 1951, Hamza was reared by his loving mother Florence Jackson Catlett. During Hamza’s early years, he displayed a keen interest in drumming and any form of musical _expression. As his love for music grew, his physical size grew as well. At the age of 12, he was 6’2 tall and because of that, and neighborhood pressure, Hamza developed interest in basketball. That change of interest was a turning point in his life. His athletic development eventually earned him a four-year scholarship to DeMatha Catholic High School. Although Hamza accomplished many honors during his high school career, the most notable was his participation in the legendary game between DeMatha and Power Memorial of New York featuring All-American, Lew Alcindor, now known as the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

In January of 1965 Power Memorial and Kareem suffered there only lost in 72 consecutive games. DeMathas entire team was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame due to that historical victory.

After four years of high school, Hamza earned over 300 hundred collegiate scholarship offers and ultimately chose the University of Notre Dame to spend the next four years. At Notre Dame, Hamza majored in Sociology and earned his degree in four years while also earning All-American Basketball honors and being drafted into the professional ranks in 1971 by the Cinnicinati Royals of The Nationall Basketball Association.

Since Hamza’s basketball days, his professional life has been varied and fulfilling. He often states that:

"I never intended to spend my entire adult life in one endeavor. That scares me. Life is too short and the universe too broad to spend my focus and creative blessings to help make others money or help maintain the status quo. The creators had more in store for me"

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