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Monica Edwards, Ron Gooden and Fred Barber

Insight Monday 9-10 PM EST.


Arthur Ron Gooden, MA

Ron has served as a professional Sales Manager, Behavioral & Clinical Health Specialist, and College Professor teaching the doctrine of helping for over 40 years, receiving accolades in each of the above endeavors. Along the way, growth has been personal, financial, and spiritual. In this phase of his life Professional Coaching and Training has allowed him to pull together all elements of his background and continue to make a difference while simultaneously making a living.

Monica Edwards - born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Penna. Mother of three beautiful adult children has spent many years dedicating her life to her family. Her personal and professional experiences have led her toward a natural path of helping. Monica is an excellent administrator, drawing the resources of the clinical team together to promote wellness among the clients and the staff. Her expertise at blending the business of coaching with the healing of therapy is invaluable in the behavioral health setting. No one ends up feeling used or handled around her. Professional coaching then represents a perfect opportunity to blend clinical administration, family, and personal skills sets with individual and/or group clientele.

Fred has worked in the behavioral health field for the past 16 years. His first paid position was as Relapse Prevention Counselor for Drug and Alcohol addicted clients. He did this work for 8 years during which time he achieved his Bachelor of Sciences in Behavioral Health Counseling. Once certified as a behavioral health specialist, Mr. Barber became a therapist for clients who struggle with co-occurring disorders, (mental health and substance abuse diagnosis) and won his Masters degree in Education, which has increased his skill in helping others. His current position is Program Coordinator for a Recovery Education center. Fred says he wasted many years as a cocaine addict before recovery found him and he began to change his life. He understands the change process.


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