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Transformations Plus

w/ Dalani Aamon

Dalani Aamon was born in Washington, D.C. on August 25, 1955. He attended D.C. public schools and received a High School Diploma in 1973 from The Armstrong Adult Education Center. He obtained his National Dental Certification in 1980 from West Palm Beach College.

He spent many of his early years on the mean streets of D.C. hustling to survive by any means imaginable. Poverty was his family's best teacher. He grew up in a one-parent home with six siblings. Dalani had to learn early on how to make something out of nothing. Those survival and personal management skills served him well in the future. At seventeen, he entered the workforce as an apprentice in a dental laboratory. After one year he was promoted to Manager. He used this opportunity to hire and train other inner-city teens. 

Dalani Aamon spent his first five years perfecting his technical and management skills in order to one day operate his own dental facility.   In 1978 he was offered a position in a prestigious dental practice outside of Washington, D.C. At age twenty-three he was considered one of the best dental ceramist in the country. He spent the next five years managing a five-person operation in this practice. In Febuary,1983 he decided to open his own dental studio. He has successfully operated what is now a family business for more than 25 years. He obtained his national dental certification in 1980 from the West Palm Beach College. He has taught dental materials and chair side procedures to many dentists in the area. Along the way he has studied and passed courses in dental implantology, real estate brokering, business management and personnel management.

After many satisfying, and busy years in the business world Dalani Aamon was caught off guard by the sudden death of his older sister Noel. Barely passed her fortieth birthday she took her own life. It was at that time that it occurred to Dalani that he really didn't know his sister as well as he could have. A couple of years later his older brother, Gary, drank himself to death. This type of self-destructive behavior makes it apparent that something went very wrong in their early childhood development. Dalani also noticed that most of the people in his neighborhood had addictions and other problems that were passed on from earlier generations. Dalani made a personal vow to put more time and energy into finding out why people of color suffer so much on this planet. He has studied human behavior with the same zest that has made him one of the best in his chosen health care field. He is determined to save the mind, body, and soul of his people.

He has written and lectured about black family dysfunction and all of the ills associated with it. His essays have had such a positive effect that he decided to make it available to the masses. His book "I Must Let My People Know" has won the best non-fiction book of the year at the Harlem Book Fair. He is in demand as a writer, author and lecturer. He lectures at colleges, high schools and even elementary schools. Go to the (travels) link below to see for yourself. Dalani is a member in good standing of the E Groups, The Blacklist, Sons of Afrika, SADA, The Drum Beat , The Black Power List, The Black Writers Group and more. He is a proud member of the Pan Afrika Movement.

He has hosted workshops on raising youth consciousness. He has participated in career day workshops at inner-city schools. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the world. He has appeared on worldwide radio and television trying to heal our pain.

He is the CEO and Founder of the Harambee Radio Network and also Founder of The Aamon Publishing Company. Aamon Publishing has added a new Internet Radio Station to it's list of available teaching tools. Harambee Radio Network launched on May 1,2004.

His show "Transformations Plus" will air on Friday's at 10:00PM . Don't miss what will be the most powerful hours on the radio. He will discuss the importance of early childhood development in our culture, Black Family Dysfunction and what to do about it.

December 6, 2004-Dalani Aamon was awarded an Honorable Mention and National Finalist for the Non- Fiction Book Of The Year at the 2004 Urban Spectrum Book Awards.

Dalani, has two daughters, DeVon and Amira; one son, Dale,a grandson Deonte and a grandaughter Dillyn. You, the black families are and always will be the reason he writes.     






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Dalani Aamon


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